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Thats HAWT

You're not!

Thats Hawt!
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Anybody , Moderated

This is an open community everyone is welcome to join. BUT ALL ENTRIES NEED TO BE FRIENDS ONLY.

Community rules

0.) All members who write entries need to put thier entry as friends only.

1.) You must be a Paris Hilton fan. This means all Hate posts/comments will be deleted. This does not mean you can not have objective opinions though. This is mainly directed towards non-Paris Hilton fans.

2.) This is a Paris Hilton community, not a Nicky Hilton or Nicole Ritchie community. This doesn't mean you can't post entries or comments about other models are actress etc. But If I figure out that they out-weigh your Paris fandom I will ask you to back down a little.

3.) All images bigger than w300px by h400px need to be under a live journal cut. And if you post more than 3 pictures you'll need to put the rest under a cut.

4.) All promotional advertisements for other "Live journal" communities will need to be under a cut. I only want to see Paris Hilton advertisements posted without permission. All other advertisements I would like to approve before hand. However, websites, personal sites, or any other types of advertisements are okay and do not have to be Paris Hilton based or under a cut. If you promote in this community you will need to have it followed by a link to where you promoted this community.

5.) You need to post entries! If I find you have grown too stagnant over time I will warn you and then remove you. Comment as well please. If there are 30 members I want to see all 30 members commenting. Now this doesn't mean you have to comment on EVERY entry, but there is no point in being part of a community and not being active. If you just want to read the entries you can just put the community as a friend on your journal.

6.) Now then, for comments, you can still be objective, but keep bashing away from this community. I'm going to have the comment option open to everyone to comment on, but if non-members frequent bashing, I will block that feature.