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.That's hot.

1. Name Amanda Alexia
2. Age. 17 (18 in July)
3. # 1 reason you love Paris Hilton Paris is not only one of the hottest people out there, but no matter what she does, people simply adore her. I love how she can be wild and awesome, but still have one of the biggest hearts.
4. 3 Interesting facts about yourself I want to open up my own nightclub one day. I can actually tie a cherry stem with my tongue. I teach bellydancing in my spare time.
5. Answer this question "If you were a T-shirt Slogan what would you say" "Slags of a feather Shag together" It's so British, and an inside joke I have with a friend about hot people.
6. 3+ pictures of yourself. My pictures are really big and I apologize.. i havent gotten a chance to resize them yet.

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