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1. Lia
2. 16
3. The #1 reason I love Paris Hilton is because she exudes all things fabulous. You know what I mean? You see her and you think "fabulous." How could anyone not love her?!
4. Interesting Facts:
one: I was Paris this past halloween. My friend was Nicole. We looked so hot, it was awesome. We went to a party and because we dressed like Paris and Nicole, guys were practically drooling. Anyway, to get candy some candy to eat cause it's fattening, (and paris said in her book eat anything you want), we went trick or treating. But we didn't bring regular trick or treat bags like regular people. We used our Louis Vuitton murakami (white) speedys (REAL ones, not nasty fakes) and every person was like.. "whoa" it was pretty hilarious.
two: i'm a singer/actress. a good one. i plan to be famous one day, and I have all the ambition and drive in the world. someday, i'll be partying it up with paris. i know it.
three: i'm new to lj, but i am definitely obsessed with it. i won't go to bed unless i've read every entry on my friends page. pretty stupid, i know. <3
5. My t-shirt would say: "I Have Pornstar Boobs" it's actually an inside joke. :) <3 if you want me to explain, i will. or, it would say "the less you know, the more you want" because I think when people have secrets they are so much more interesting. people have to know you have secrets, but not know what they are.
6. I don't have any good pictures, I will take some, and post them as soon as I have them done! ;)

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