xMissHiltonx (xmisshiltonx) wrote in thats___hawt,

1. Name:Brianna
2. Age:14
3. # 1 reason you love Paris Hilton: She has the best style out there, no matter how expensive it is, it rocks. I also think that its awsome that she si tryin to work her butt of and get a name for herself!
4. 3 Interesting facts about yourself: I am going to go to go to fashion school in N.Y.C., I am oveerly obsessed w/ the hilton sisters, I met paris 2 times and nicky once!
5. Answer this question "If you were a T-shirt Slogan what would you say": Hilton Heiress(Y not??)
6. 3+ pictures of yourself.: I have none
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